This is nuts

Tomorrow, I am leaving to fly to the middle of BFE to spend 4 days with a woman I have never met.

Am I crazy? Yes.

Am I planning on having a blast? Double yes.

See, when I was pregnant with the Littlest Brewster, I became completely obsessed with The Bump and spent hours trolling the message boards and comparing notes with other pregnant ladies. ((Much to the DreadBrewer’s irritation. He’d try to talk to me and I’d be like, “Wait, honey. I’m bumping!” and proceed to ignore him for the rest of the night.)) One day, I posted something about brewing beer and Elise responded that she was a homebrewer too. So we exchanged email addresses and became pen pals.

At first we mainly talked about brewing and compared notes on our daughters. Slowly we ventured more and more into personal lives and opinions and whatnot. Eventually we took the giant leap of actually talking on the phone. ((Crazy, I know.))

One night in early summer, after probably one too many beers, I very bravely and boldly emailed Elise and said “Flights to Oklahoma are only a couple hundred bucks. I’m just sayin’….” And instead of replying that I was crazy and why would she want to meet some random woman from the internet, no matter how much we had in common?, she actually replied, “You know – I’ve been thinking that we should get together in real life too!”

We had thought about trying to get both families together as obviously the girls would have fun, being only a day apart in age, and we would have fun and the husbands would probably have fun. I mean, they both brew. They both garden. They’re both kind of nerdy. What could possibly go wrong!?!?

The DreadBrewer agreed to the trip but requested that I go solo first, just to make sure that Elise and her family aren’t completely crazy and planning on kidnapping all of us. ((Not his exact words, but the general idea thereof.)) Apparently he’s willing to sacrifice me but not the Littlest Brewster.

So tomorrow, I am flying out to spend some time with Elise. And I am so friggin’ excited!

However, as Elise is incredibly pregnant with #2, we won’t be able to go on a wild and crazy beer drinking binge in Oklahoma. We’ll have to content ourselves with being able to chat – for hours! – without one of our phones losing reception or one of our daughters desperately needing our attention for something earth shattering like a lost toy.

I plan on enjoying my break and posting about my trip when I get back next week. Unless of course the DreadBrewer’s fears are confirmed and Elise kidnaps me. 🙂

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