Not Kidnapped!

I made it home from Oklahoma safe and sound! Like I told DB, Elise and her family did  not have evil plans to kidnap me and hold me against my will. Unless they did but changed their minds when they met me, which I doubt because who wouldn’t want to hold me hostage forever?

The night before I left for OK, I was so worried that we wouldn’t click in person, that we would have nothing to talk about, that it would be three days of continuous awkwardness and misery… And all my fears were totally unfounded! I had an awesome time visiting – I don’t think Elise and I stopped talking except to sleep the entire 72 hours. I’m sure at some point Jim thought to himself “Good Lord! How long can two women talk?!?” But we had so much to say to each other that I think we were still mid-conversation when she dropped me off at the airport this morning.

Given that they do live in the Middle Of Nowhere, OK, we spent most of our time hanging out at home with Ella. Ella is as cute as a bug and quickly decided that I was her new best friend. This was probably due in part to the fact that she’s a delicate flower and weighs at least 9 pounds less than the Littlest Brewster, so it was easy (and fun) to swing her through the air. (Every toddler’s favorite activity.) She is really, really good at following directions and can do some things that totally amazed me – putting on her own shirt, for example. Also, she’s mostly potty trained, which just blows my mind. ((The fact that Elise is due to have another baby in less than 5 weeks may have had something to do with her motivation to get Ella potty trained.))

Having met him, I can now confirm that Jim could seriously be the DreadBrewer’s long lost brother. ((He doesn’t actually have any long lost siblings that we know of.)) In the event that we get the two of them together, I would bet they have just as much to talk about as me and Elise. Anybody who brews a batch of beer with his guest gets a thumbs up in the DreadBrewer’s (and my) book. Also, he’s really, really good and involved with Ella, which automatically raises him in my estimation.

Like I mentioned, we did brew a batch of Black IPA while I was there. It was fun to see another homebrewer in action and I definitely got a couple of good ideas to incorporate into our brewing. We also took Ella to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa, which put the NC Aquarium to shame.

Here are some of the best pictures from the trip. I cannot wait until the spring when Schrodinger is born and I can convince Elise to schlep the whole family out to see us in North Carolina.


I was immediately not nervous once we met – it was amazing how quickly we were at ease!


Working on a batch of homebrew


Brewing is a family affair at my house, too!


Me and Ella


Watching the sharks with Daddy


Sleepy – and adorable – munchkin


George – in his special chair with his special bib. He is a VIP in Elise’s household.


Relaxing with a few rounds of UNO and a half-pint of Saison


The froggy we got for LB enjoying a pint, as all froggies do.

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