Back On The Wagon – Week 16

I was sorely tempted to skip the post entirely this week and wait until next Wednesday to weigh in. If I start doing that, however, I’ll start skipping weeks whenever I have vacation or a dinner out or a bad day and then I’ll be back up to 173 pounds before I know it! So I’m going to be a responsible weight loss blogger and weigh in no matter what.

I certainly didn’t go crazy eating while out in Oklahoma and my beer consumption was far less than usual, as I neither wanted to appall Elise with my capacity for beer nor annoy Jim by draining his keg dry. I did eat quite a few of the delicious spent grain cookies Elise whipped up. And I only ran one day, but I have a strained back to thank for that rather than sheer laziness.

Enough rationalizing. Here’s the cold hard truth:
This Week’s Weight: 162.0
Weight Gained Since Last Week: 2.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss To Date: 10.4 lbs

I had had a secret hope that I would get on the scale and it would magically be down instead of up, but the cookies and my period conspired to squash that hope like a bug.

I can’t believe I put on that much in a week! I know some of it has to be bloat but I’m still in slight freak out mode.

I have to stop this upward trend before it gets out of hand!! Thus I was back at the gym bright and early this morning. I have my healthy snacks and meals within easy reach. I have a plan of attack for the week. I am set and ready to be a weight loss machine this week. Just you wait and see how well I do next Wednesday!! You’ll be amazed at by dedication and results, I promise.

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