Nowhere Near Almost Famous

I have recently come to the conclusion that I will never be a famous mommy-blogger.

This may come as no surprise to any of you considering that I am but 1 of the 2,193,504,023 mommy blogs on the internet, but it has certainly been a bit of a shock to me.

When I first started BeerCat Brewing, I honestly thought (or hoped) that I would end up being a big deal. I thought that I would wow the world with my funny and insightful posts on motherhood and brewing and daily life in general. I was going to get followers and advertisers and do bloggy things and be generally lauded on the internet.

And it has only taken me 20 months to figure out that this is not – and never will be – the case.

Part of the reason for this post stems back to a post I read awhile ago on Babble by one of the cofounders of Rants From Mommyland. It was about whether or not you should start a blog. And one of the points it brought up was, “Do you have anything to say that anybody actually wants to hear?” ((This is definitely paraphrased. Like I said, I read the article a while ago and remember the gist, not the exact words.)) And for some reason, this post stayed in my mind for weeks. I would start thinking about an idea for a blog post and I’d think, “Wait? Does anyone care? Will anybody actually want to read this?” And I would change my mind and not write it. But eventually I decided to disregard this because I started a blog to put out what I wanted to say, not what I thought other people wanted to hear. And I was tired of dismissing ideas out of hand because I was worried they weren’t “relevant enough.” Strike number one against me.

Another part of the reason for this post is the fact that I can (and sometimes do) spend hours reading other parenting blogs on the internet. And they are all hilarious. ((This might be a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one.)) Like, snort my coffee it’s so funny. But a lot of the time, they are funny in a snarky sarcastic tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Don’t get me wrong; I can be snarky. I usually am snarky and sarcastic. But I am incapable of finding the snarky sarcastic tongue-in-cheek humor And if these other highly successful, mommy blogs are anything to go by, you pretty much have to be able to do so if you want people to read you religiously. I don’t know if I can put forth the effort to maintain those standards. In fact, I know I can’t. Strike number two.

And the third and final reason for this post is the mere fact that I really, really like my kid and my husband. And I like having a platform to share something as inane as pictures of the Littlest Brewster at the lake or stories about the trials and tribulations of homebrewing. And – truth be told – a lot of the well followed blogs focus more on parenting in general than in the day to day anecdotes and snapshots from their own personal trenches. I’ve seen the trend that as blogs get more famous, they focus less on their own children and more on children in general. Maybe I’m the exception but if I’m a loyal follower who has been reading about Bobby for months, I would like to continue reading about Bobby. So if being an internet sensation means that I have to put the time and energy into coming up with meaningful, broadly applicable posts rather than being able to throw up a couple of cute pictures from family time, then I’m okay with obscurity. And that’s my third and final strike.

I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I will not be an internet sensation. I will not be asked to attend blogging conferences in exotic locales. I will probably never have anyone read BeerCat Brewing with any regularity other than my friends and family.

But I think I’m okay with that.

Now, have I told you this cute story about the Littlest Brewster and the bug?

2 thoughts on “Nowhere Near Almost Famous

  1. I say we start our own “Not Famous Blogger” conference. It will be held on a beach, with drinks, and we can talk about how awesome we are despite not being famous.

    Mainly we can use it as an excuse to sit on the beach and drink.

    • Genius! I’m totally in.

      And since I’m not famous and in high demand, my calendar is completely open. 🙂

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