Just a little bragging

As I’ve mentioned before, I really, really enjoy running in 5K races.

I really enjoy running anyway, but it’s way more fun to do it with a couple hundred other people and to get a free T-shirt and some bagel halves out of the bargain.

It’s also a good way to see how I’m coming with my running and to gauge whether I’ve truly gotten any faster, particularly if the races are on the same course.

So Saturday I signed up for The Carying Place 5K, basically just because I wanted to run and it was at WakeMed Soccer Park, which is convenient for everyone.

Per usual, DB's mom came out to help cheer me on

Per usual, DB’s mom came out to help cheer me on

And look who came in second in her age group:


I was actually pretty upset when I crossed the finish line because my un-timed guess at my last 5K led me to believe I would be much, much faster. Since I ran pretty much as fast as I could this race, I’m thinking that I must have really messed up my estimation at that last race and that this weekend was a far more accurate representation of my running abilities.

Also I’m thinking that MapMyRun is a liar and the GPS tracking is off, but that’s a rant for another post.

But I’m pretty stoked that I came in second in my age group! We didn’t stay for the awards because it would have been close to another hour before they presented them and I didn’t think I had won anything anyway and I was starving to death and wanted breakfast.

I hope they mail me a ribbon though. That would be awesome.

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