Making Our Own Pasta

A couple of months ago, the DreadBrewer asked me if he could buy a quad runner. I vehemently protested that that was the stupidest idea ever reasonably pointed out that we had no need, no space, and no money for an ATV.

A few days later, he asked if he could buy a pasta maker and I vehemently protested that I did not need one more useless kitchen gadget to clean reasonably pointed out that we didn’t really need a pasta maker.

At this point, DB asked (quite rightly) what had happened to the girl who said yes all the time and saw everything as an adventure and went along with his crazy schemes. So I said okay to the pasta maker. (The quad runner is still a no-go and always will be.)

I will say now that we have the pasta maker it is a lot smaller and a lot easier to use than I had thought it would be. And the pasta is delicious! We’re trying to limit ourselves to one batch of pasta a week because who really needs that many carbs? And each batch has about 1200 calories and makes over 2 lbs of cooked pasta, which we shouldn’t eat in one sitting even if we could (which we can).

So far we’ve only tried the super simple recipe of 3 eggs to 2 1/4 cups flour. We make a dough ball and let it sit for an hour.

Pasta 1

And then the fun part: running it through the machine! You start at the thickest setting and get progressively thinner and longer until its the desired size. Oftentimes the pasta is waaaay longer than you need (who wants a 2 foot long noodle?), so you cut it width-wise before you cut it lengthwise into noodles.

Pasta 2

Pasta 7

Pasta 3

Pasta 4

Pasta 5

I would actually highly recommend getting a pasta maker. It’s a really fun activity/meal to do with your spouse or kids or cat ((Just kidding about the cat)). This is the model that we decided on, after exhaustive research on the DreadBrewer’s part. It works great and comes with a very instructive booklet that was super-helpful when we were making our first batch of noodles. It only has the inherent capability to make lasagna, linguini, and angel hair, but there are attachments available for a myriad of other pasta types.

If you’re looking for a new adventure to try, I would highly recommend you give making your own pasta a shot! Unless of course you’d rather get a quad runner. In which case, can my husband come over to play?

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