I Love St. Kitts

This past week was our second time visiting Saint Kitts and I can truly say that I love vacationing there.

In truth, I would probably love any Caribbean island given enough rum and sunshine. But I really do love Saint Kitts.

We had a lovely, wonderful, fabulous flight down. See, the DreadBrewer hates flying. ((This is where he will point out that he doesn’t hate flying; he hates turbulence.)) So it is always better if we can get a nonstop flight and/or upgrade to first class. As non-stop was out of the question and first class was out of the budget, I figured it was going to be hard cheese for him. However, when I went to book our tickets, first class was the same price we had planned on paying for coach, so we were miraculously able to afford the upgrade. ((This may have been due to the fact that I created a giant snafu and booked us out of Raleigh instead of Charlotte. Oops. At least we got some free booze on the plane out of it…)) There was very little turbulence and quite a bit of free food and drink so everyone in the party was immensely pleased with situation. Shove some free food and an airplane bottle of rum in my direction and I’m a happy camper. 🙂

We stayed at the St. Kitts Marriott Royal Resort and Casino, which is where we stayed last time. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. ((I am aware of and amazed by the disparity between on-resort and off-resort. I’m not an idiot and I see it and I’m bothered by it. But I don’t really know what to do about it other than making sure to go off-resort for at least a few meals and excursions and try to spread the wealth around.)) As a (very) belated birthday gift, DB got me a massage at the resort spa, which was heavenly. Spa guests got the use of the spa facilities for the whole week, so I went back twice to use their whirlpooly thing and enormous showers. Oh, and the heated toilets with a bidet option for front and back. Well, I didn’t actually use them but I was much impressed by the quantity of buttons and knobs apparently required to operate them.

As the beach on the Atlantic side of St. Kitts is terribly rocky and the waves are terribly strong, we spent 90% of our time by the pool. Alas my Kindle broke the first full day here, which absolutely sucked. Thank God for the iPod touch Kindle app, which meant I could continue my voracious devouring of such worthy tomes as The Inconvenient Duchess and the de Montforte brothers quartet without interruption. ((I tried my hand at Pride and Prejudice which was good. However there was too much talking and not enough wanton sex for a vacation read, so I laid it aside until a later, more reserved date.))

We did spend a day going kayaking and then snorkeling along the coast, which was fun and a lot more strenuous than I would have thought. The kayaking itself wasn’t particularly hard, although DB said watching me flail away with the paddle without a minute’s rest was exhausting for him. I can’t help it; I don’t want to disappoint people and I certainly didn’t want our very, very young guide to think me not up to the task. And so I paddled furiously without rest the entire time. I probably would have enjoyed the scenery more if I hadn’t been so concerned with proving my physical aptitude but oh well. I had a great time as it was. The snorkeling, however, was exhausting. My shins and ankles were sore in minutes and the soreness lingered for days! We did see some pretty amazing sights including two schools (pods?) of baby squid and a stingray (the kind with the lance, which our guide did not tell us until after it had swum away). Kathy gave us an underwater camera, which was invaluable during the excursion.

And we took a trip to Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor – a place we visited last time we were here and is so beautiful that I could see us returning every time we visit. We got some lovely gifts for the folks back home (and a beautiful dress for me) and took some pictures with the oldest tree on the island (or so they say). There was a path to the rainforest that we hiked last time which was, unfortunately, blocked by a large “Danger! No admittance!” sign this time. And the taxi driver was not only the worst driver I have ever had the dubious honor of riding with but also had an exhaust leak in his van. So every time we slowed down and the flow of fresh air through the windows stopped, we were gassed. We were practically hanging out the windows by the time we got back, despite the fact that we were driving behind a garbage truck in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity. Needless to say, he did not give us his card to call him again as we lurched from his van as quickly as possible.

One night I decided I was going to try my hand at the resort casino and dragged DB in with me, $20 in hand. Within 2.8 minutes I knew that this was not going to be the fun exposition I had imagined. It was just… sad. And frustrating. We tried some of the $1 slot machines but I’m too cheap to sit there and repeatedly feed money into a machine that not only doesn’t pay off big but also doesn’t even have a big handle for me pull! ((That’s what she said.)) After wasting about $5, we collected our “winnings” and went back to the condo.

By the time 7 days had come around, both the DreadBrewer and I were ready to go home. Neither of us is used to being idle and that much slothfulness was almost more than we could take. ((And doesn’t that sound ungrateful?)) Slothfulness and the massive quantities of rum consumed nearly did us in. 🙂

Anyway I’ve attached a link to the Shutterfly page with our pictures. There are a lot and I know nobody but us is interested in every single one. Once I get a disc of the ones from the underwater camera, I’ll add those too so you can see some of the wonders we did.

I’m sure you all missed me terribly and I can say, in all seriousness, that I am glad to be back home and back to blogging as usual!

1 thought on “I Love St. Kitts

  1. You KNOW I missed you! And don’t give up on Pride and Predjudice, although I admit it may not be the best mindless beach read 🙂

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