21 Month Update!

Hard to believe that LB is so close to two! I’ve started just telling people that she is two years old, rather than counting months or saying “1 and 3/4.”

This could be due in part to the fact that her behavior lately smacks of the so-called “Terrible Twos” as I understand them.

Able to go from sobbing to laughing and back again 4 or 5 times in the space of a minute? Check.

Willing to throw herself on the ground because you had the audacity to give her the milk/food/toy she requested? Double check.

Capable of ignoring you and continuing on with whatever forbidden activity she’s doing (practicing jumping outside, for example) then having a meltdown when it backfires and she busts her face? Hand me a beer please.

Overall, the Littlest Brewster is still a happy and easy-going little girl. She is getting four new teeth right now, which is probably contributing to her grumpiness and labile moods. Also, I figure it’s got to be terribly frustrating to only know 50 or 100 words with which to express your wants and needs, especially when you haven’t even begun to comprehend the concept of self control.

For the most part, the DreadBrewer and I shamelessly ignore her tantrums and whining. The grandparents are much more likely to give in, which drives us crazy and fires LB’s annoyingness and is part-and-parcel of grandparent-itude it seems.

Other than the mood swings and new teeth, the only other big thing from last month was that LB tried shrimp for the first time. And no problems, which is great since I love shrimp and most other kinds of shellfish.

Not much else to report this month! Just growing and learning and driving me nuts being a kid.


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