Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!

Given that the 2013-2014 brew season is going to start this weekend (!!!), I figured it was high time to do some clean up, of both our brewing equipment and the blog.

First, the blog. It’s been over a year since I completed the Couch-to-5K program and almost a year since I completed my Whole30, so I decided it was okay to go ahead and get rid of those pages. I did save them if you’ve somehow stumbled on this by searching for Couch-to-5K or Whole30 experiences and you’re interested in reading them, but the general populace is more than likely tired of looking at ’em. I’m also archiving the beer roster from 2011 to make room for the beer roster for this year.

Next, the brewing equipment. The DreadBrewer and I were a little lax when we were putting our gear away for the summer, which was not a good thing. Never again will I skimp on cleaning on the front end, because it made twice as much work for me on the back end.

Clean up 1You can’t quite see it from this far away, but there was definitely an accumulation of gunk in all of the carboys and the kettle. And don’t even get me started on the crusty bits on the vinator/bottle tree.

Working in batches in our tub, I was able to get everything spic and span with just under 2 hours of scrubbing. I made a serious dent in our supply of PBW (best.stuff.ever.) but everything is nice and shiny and ready for beer!

Clean up 2

MUCH cleaner!

I am so excited for the inaugural brew session this weekend! And the extra super exciting thing about this brewing season is that we’re moving to kegging!!!!!!!!! We’ve ordered most of the equipment to build our own kegerator so we can finally quit bottling. Anyone who has done so will agree with me that bottling beer in your kitchen is the brewing equivalent of Chinese water torture. I practically wriggle with excitement when I think of being able to go out to the garage and pull a frosty pint of delicious homebrew from one of our very own kegs! And not dealing with carbonation issues! And not dealing with yeast cake! I’m in heaven…

When we get the kegging equipment and make the kegerator, I promise I will take lots of photos and do a post about it. And I promise to finally finish the Steps to Becoming a Homebrewer series at some point before Christmas  the end of brewing season okay,  lets just go with at some point.

Bring on the homebrew! Cheers!

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