Back On The Wagon – Week 19

Remember how last week, I said that I would be very happy if I could take off my vacation weight and then some?

Well, I’m not very happy.

Granted, I’m not unhappy, because I did manage to get back down to my pre-St. Kitts weight in just 7 days. But I had hoped to lose a little extra this week and get closer to my just-out-of-reach goal weight.

This Week’s Weight: 157.4
Weight Lost Since Last Week: 3.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 15 lbs

So why didn’t I kick ass and take no prisoners this week? I just couldn’t seem to get started. I only exercised 4 times, which is a little light for me. (Usually I’ll get 5 or 6 workouts in a week.) I drank too many Amstel Lights on Saturday. Yes, it was our annual cookout, but still. The only saving grace I can think of was that I tracked every day and 6 out of 7 days I came in under my calorie goal.

I know it was a lot to expect that I’d lose above and beyond vacation weight, but I hate being so close to goal and not feeling like I’m making progress! I just want to get there!

I don’t have one single solitary social or eating event coming up this week, so I have no excuses when it comes to my intake. I’m working all 8 am shifts for the coming work week, which translates to a 4:15 am gym time. My goal is to go to the gym before work tomorrow, go for a long walk after work Friday, workout at home Saturday and Sunday, hit the gym in Charlotte Monday, and maybe take Tuesday off. Or I’ll swap out another day and go before work Tuesday. There. I’ve put it in writing. Maybe it’ll actually happen.

So check back next week and see if I get to my elusive goal! Or at least get marginally closer!

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