Back On The Wagon – Week 20


I made it! I can’t believe it but I made goal weight!!!!!

Okay, here are the official stats:
Today’s Weight: 155.0
Amount Lost Since Last Week: 2.4
Total Weight Loss To Date: 17.4

Gah, I’m so excited I’m practically wiggling! ((Oddly enough, in my mind, I don’t feel like I actually look any different. I still feel like I look just as chubby as I did before, but everyone else says I don’t. I’m going to have to take them at face value and believe them rather than the nasty voices in my head.))

How did I manage such an amazing weight loss this last week? Well, it certainly wasn’t with exercising. I mean, I did something every day, but I wasn’t super-hardcore like I had thought I would be.

Nope. I think the big push came from the fact that I decided to cut out alcohol for a week and see if that made a big difference. And it sure as heck did!

Since now I get to readjust my calories to maintain and not lose, I get an extra 100 or so calories a day. Plenty to add back in my glass of wine or Amstel Light.

And as any of you who have lost weight before know, the hardest part isn’t losing it, it’s keeping it off. So now I have to keep from getting complacent and just packing the pounds back on.

Check back next week to see if I manage to maintain for a week!


9 thoughts on “Back On The Wagon – Week 20

  1. YOU DID IT!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you and amazed at how healthily you did it. You look great, by the way… I can tell a difference just in pictures alone! Seriously, I think there was a recent one of you in a T-shirt, nothing fancy or anything, and I thought, wow–she looks amazing.

    Big hug (well, big hug minus a little bit because there is less of you to hug now!).

  2. Great Job!
    I am so proud of you! You do look pretty sexy these days!!
    Can’t wait to start my Wed Weigh ins once baby #2 is born! You have inspired me!

    Hugs and lots of love!

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