Staying On The Wagon – Week 1

My first week of staying on the wagon went surprisingly well. With the exception of the worst day ever and it’s subsequent 9 pm Wendy’s fest, I was able to stay on plan the whole week.

Actually, I take that back.

I was able to stay under calorie goal 6 out of 7 days. It’s sounds really obnoxious, but I’ve been so stuck on 1660 calories a day for so long that I’m having a very hard time wrapping my head around eating more. And I’m having a hard time finding the calories without eating crap junk food, which I don’t want to do. I already eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day, I’m not really sure where to add in any more calories! And yes, I know this is probably the most obnoxious weight-loss rant ever. I’m sorry! But that’s what I’ve been dealing with this week, so I wanted to share.

So this week, my weight is 153.6. Which is actually a 1.4 lb change from last week.

I don’t want to lose any more. I probably could as I’ve still got quite a bit of pudge on my thighs but I will be quite happy to stay at 155. My plan for trying to stay at my target calories is to add in more full-fat condiments, etc rather than the fat-free or low-fat stuff I have been using. This will most likely make my taste buds very happy. And I thought I’d start having a glass of skim milk in the mornings, which will make my bones very happy.

Check back next Wednesday to see if I can be a slightly less annoying weigher-inner. 🙂

On a related weight-loss note, I wanted to give kudos to my sister Jessie who has started the Eat To Live program and is seeing some pretty fabulous results. Keep up the good work, buddy! I’m so proud of you!

2 thoughts on “Staying On The Wagon – Week 1

  1. Thanks, baby! This week was less stunning but I’m still happy with 1.5 lb lost! This whole “drinking less” thing is the killer! Try eating raw nuts for more calories and healthy fat- 1 or 2oz per day.

    • That’s a great idea! I’ll have to pick some up at the grocery store this weekend!

      And I agree – cutting down on one’s alcohol intake, while excellent for weight-loss, is the pits!

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