22 Month Update!

For once, I was proactive and worked on this post before the Littlest Brewster actually reached her next monthly milestone! Maybe I’m getting this multi-tasking parent thing down finally… Ha! Yeah right!

Anyways. I didn’t do a really detailed update last month, so let me do a quick rundown of stats for LB.

Height: Sadly, I’m not really sure. I forgot to measure her! (So much for being proactive…) I’m pretty sure she’s at least 35 inches, if not taller.
Weight: She was 31.6 lbs mid-September, so I’d say she’s probably about 32 lbs now.

Diapers: Holding strong in 5s for daytime and 6s for nightime. I was worried she would outgrow diapers before she was potty-trained but it doesn’t look like that’ll be a problem.

Clothes/Shoes: I had to buy mostly 3T pants for the winter for waist circumference (yes, she’s a chunk), but then she has about 3 or 4 extra inches of fabric at the bottom. Rather than actually hem them, we’re just having LB rock the rolled cuff look this season. Watch for this look appearing on baby runways worldwide once people get a gander at how chic she looks. Luckily, a lot of her 2T shirts from last winter still fit, which is awesome as I hate buying clothes that she only wears for 3 to 6 months. She just got some new size 6 sneakers and I swear the damn things are already tight, so we’ll be moving up to size 7 shoes from now on.

Teeth: LB has had 3 canines come all the way through, but we’re still waiting on that 4th one. I’m not looking forward to it as these teeth made her way more miserable than any of the other teeth she’s gotten to date. I don’t know if those teeth are particurlarly painful or if it was the fact that it was 3 simultaneously, but it was not fun. For any of us.

Jekyll and Hyde: (Or perhaps I should title this part Sybil?) The Littlest Brewster, as much as I love her, has at least two distinct personalities and can flip between them at the drop of a hat. One instant she’s sweet and loving and laughing and adorable. And the next she’s turned into a spineless bowl of jelly that’s sobbing hysterically on the floor. Usually for something as earth shattering as having run out of goldfish. Or having been given more goldfish. Or having dropped a single crumb of goldfish on the ground. Also, she will intermittently turn into a leech that refuses to detach itself from my leg, begging continuously, “Mommy up! Mommy up! Up! Up! PLEEEEEEEAAAASSE!!!!!” ((At least she says please, right?)) And when she’s really upset, she’ll make this “ungh ungh ungh ungh” sort of whining noise that drives me bat shit crazy. When she does it in the car, I will seriously just turn the radio up and drown her out. Nails on a chalkboard, people.

But she’s really not like that all the time. We’ll have whole days where she’s her sweet, loving, fun self. And days where the smallest thing sets her off. I know it’s just the age and I try to remember that it has to be frustrating not to have the words to express yourself or the self control to calmly request more yogurt, please. But it’s definitely hard some days.

Miscellaneous Cuteness: Some cute things LB says or does nearly daily:
-She absolutely hates to lean against my hair when we’re hugging (and I have a lot of hair, so this is an issue). She’ll try to flip it over my shoulder saying, “Mommy move hair. Move hair!” If it’s wet, it’s even more loathsome to her.
-First thing she says every morning, “See Daddy! See Daddy!” I’ve started making a point to get her up just before DB leaves for work so as to avoid a meltdown and let her have a cuddle with him to start the day.
-If we’re coloring, she gets really insistent that I write out the names for all of her favorite people, including grandparents and cats. This makes her very, very happy.

So there you have it. A quick rundown on what the Littlest Brewster is doing right now. And for the best bit, the monthly picture!


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