Staying On The Wagon – Week 2

This week was not good for staying on the wagon.

I mean, I didn’t go over my calorie limit every day. I actually still had a hard time reaching the limit a few days, especially if I exercised and needed to eat those calories too. (I never did get around to buying nuts or trail mix like my sister so brilliantly suggested. Maybe I’ll get around to it this week.)

But no, this week was bad in that I don’t feel like I ate healthfully. There was one day where I seriously ate like I did when I was packing on the pounds and at the end of the day, I did not feel good. I told the DreadBrewer that eating like that made me feel like crap. Not enough fruits and vegetables, too much bread and cheese is too far away from how I’ve been eating to make my body happy.

The official result is that this morning I weigh 154.2, which is 0.6 lbs up from last week but still under my goal of 155, so I’m okay with that.

So this week, I’ve got to focus on eating a balanced diet and staying in my calorie limit. Not one or the other. I’ve stocked up on some healthy grab-and-go snacks, so that should make things easier. And I’ve restocked the veggie drawer with celery and carrots for my daily 3:00 snack. And I promise I am going to go grab some trail mix or nuts to have on hand, rather than reaching for cheese sticks or Cheez-its like I’ve been doing.

Hopefully all these things will lead to a much happier and healthier week on the wagon!

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