Acne & Eczema

For almost as long as I can remember (at least 6 months – my memory’s not what it used to be), the Littlest Brewster has had eczema in her knee pits. (You know – the creases behind her knees.) We’ve tried a variety of creams and ointments to try and clear it up but nothing has really worked. Until my sister-in-law Jaqueline suggested a cream that worked for her kids.


Gentle Naturals Eczema Relief cream. This stuff is magic. I found it at Walgreen’s and I think it was kind of expensive ($9 a tube, maybe? Again, the memory is not so good…) but we’ve been using the same tube every night since August. It hasn’t completely eradicated her eczema but it has definitely improved it far more than any of the other remedies we’d tried. Since I don’t have actual pictures of it, I drew you all a representation of before and after the magic cream.



It really has knocked out about 80% of the redness and irritation. I have high hopes that, with the change of seasons and the drier weather coming, it’ll finally get completely better. And I wanted to share the name of this magic cream with you all in case any of your little ones have the same affliction.

In a similar vein, LB has been getting some crazy acne on her cheeks over the last few weeks. it has actually now spread a bit to her chin, and I saw two baby bumps on her forehead tonight. All we put on her face is sensitive-skin soap and Aquaphor, so I’m not really sure what could be causing it. If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with this, I’d love to hear them. Not that I care if she looks spotty, but they do look kind of sore sometimes. Hopefully, someone will have some answers!

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