Staying On The Wagon – Week 3

Sorry this is a day late! I have no excuse other than that I’m tired and things have been crazy at work lately….

And don’t worry – I’m not going to subject y’all to weekly check-ins when I’m staying the same weight forever. (I hope!)  I figure weekly x 4, then maybe once a month after that? We’ll see how it goes, though, once I lose the weekly accountability.

Anyway, so last week went really well. I feel like ate much more healthfully and mindfully, which made me feel better inside and out. We did buy a bag of croutons for some fancy salads we were having (You all remember how much I love croutons, right?) and I have managed not to eat the entire bag by the handful in just 3 short days. I’ve made a serious dent in them, but at least most of them were actually consumed with lettuce this time around.

Also, I started lifting weights at the gym. (I say “started” when my first day was yesterday, in all actuality. Don’t think I’ve done it more than once or have any real routine established.) I’ve got the cardio thing down pat, but I know how important it is to add strength training as well. I finally decided to conquer my fears and just give the machines a go. And no one laughed at me or told me to leave weights to those with a clue, so I feel like I didn’t do too badly. My goal is to add in 2 days of weights a week, in addition to the 5 or 6 days of cardio I do.

My official weight yesterday was actually down a few pounds (to 152.2) which puts my weight loss to date at 20.2 pounds! I’m going to actually try to be better about eating maybe an extra 100 calories a day to see if I can maintain this weight, rather than lose any more. Once I start adding muscle, I’m sure the weight will stabilize.

And in other good weight loss news, Jessie is now down to her pre-pregnancy weight, which is amazing! I am so proud of how well she’s doing! And I don’t think John is doing too shabbily himself either! Way to go, you guys – keep up the healthy habits!


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