Last year, I made the Littlest Brewster’s Halloween costume myself, in a spirit of “Screw the big box stores!” This year, I knew I wanted her to be a ladybug and looked around online for patterns to make her costume.

Well, I quickly realized that, for the amount of time and money I would have to invest in it, a $20 costume made by child labor in Indonesia was easier and cuter than anything I could whip up. ((This is totally sad and true. I’m honestly not an asshole but I really didn’t feel like investing $40 and countless hours in this costume. I took the easy way out and succumbed to the big box stores. Pathetic, I know.))

We had done a trial run with LB’s costume a few weeks ago and she had an utter freak-out upon trying it on. I was hoping she was just in a snit and it would be better today.



Yeah, not so much. It took me AND the DreadBrewer to get her in it. And she seriously cried and kept saying “No bug!” for, like, 20 minutes. Eventually (read: after I bribed her with fruit), she calmed down and decided being a ladybug was okay after all. And we got a few pictures with smiles.



We only went to two houses, but that was more than enough. Our awesome neighbors Bill & Sherry know how we are and gave LB a pear and a banana instead of candy. And I “helped” her with the candy from the other house.

At work, all the nurses dressed up as Rescue Ninjas. RNs, get it?

That's me, on the back left

That’s me, on the back left

I made us the masks with fabric scraps and staples. ((See why making a ladybug costume was beyond me?)) None of us lasted more than an hour or two with the mask on; it was just too hot and too hard to see. But don’t you love our Ninja moves?

And finally, per usual in our house, I was in charge of giving out candy. That went fairly uneventfully except for the group of five 16+ year old boys ((And I know how old they are because one of them lives down the street and drives.)) who came to the door and wanted candy without even bothering to dress up! I may be a total Halloween Scrooge but I told them no. DB is convinced that at some point they will come back and egg our house or slash our tires. I seriously hope not because, in addition to the obvious reasons, if they do, DB will never let me live that down.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! 🙂 And I hope we don’t get egged!

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