Lung Cancer Initiative 5K

Hooray for lung cancer awareness month!

Did you all know that lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women? Not breast cancer!

And did you know that lung cancer causes more deaths than the next 3 most common cancers combined?

Yep, that’s right. (Here is a fact sheet from the American Lung Association.)

So while breast cancer may be pretty and pink and popular, lung cancer is deadly and research is underfunded. Let’s all wear white and raise some awareness and money people! ((Don’t misunderstand me – any cancer is devastating. But the disparity between awareness and research and fundraising for breast cancer versus any of the other cancers is just wrong.))

In that vein, I participated in the Lung Cancer Initiative’s 5K Run, Walk, and Rally this Saturday.

Lung Cancer Initiative

This was our team from work, the Airheads.


There were a ton of people there, which was amazing! There was a survivor’s rally and a 1-mile walk led by survivors. And the 5K race, which was a very hilly course. (I should have known; it was held at North Hills….)

They had volunteers holding signs along the race that said things like, “Lung Cancer isn’t a disease for smokers! It is a disease for people with lungs!” Which is totally true and points out one of the most glaring reasons why people don’t get as excited about lung cancer. People assume that if you get lung cancer, you must have smoked and then, well, it’s your own damn fault then, isn’t it?

This race I didn’t go for speed or anything, which is a big change for me. I just focused on having fun with my friends from work and finishing the race eventually. My time was a lot slower (35:15!) but I had a heck a lot better time than I would have if I had busted my butt to try for a new PR.

I heard the emcee say after the race that almost $130,000 had been raised for lung cancer research, which is awesome! Maybe we can eventually get some new and exciting and effective treatments against this, the most deadly of cancers.

Spread the word, people! November is Lung Cancer Awareness month – let’s do something to stop the devastation!

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