Pure Genius

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that the Littlest Brewster clings to my leg like a barnacle while I’m trying to make dinner and my friend Cris said, “Get her some play-doh. It’ll keep her occupied for hours!”

So I did and all I can say is Cris is a genius!

Play doh 1

Play doh 2

Play doh 3

LB loves her play-doh and will happily squash it, cut it, roll it, and try to eat it, if not for hours, then at least for long enough that I can get dinner cooked or the dishes washed.

We got a big pack of play-doh and toys at Target for $15. I had looked up how to make my own play-doh, but ultimately decided to just buy the commercial stuff. Homemade play-doh doesn’t have that same iconic smell. 🙂 We’re being fairly strict and only letting her play with one color and a few of the toys at a time, which I think will extend both her enjoyment and the life of this set. Also, the set days for kids 3+, but I think that’s a lie. Yes, she doesn’t understand how to work the accessories but she’s still having fun.

I just wanted to share a genius tip that has made our lives easier and could hopefully help you out too! Happy play-doh-ing!

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