Christmas Pictures!

The Littlest Brewster had not one, but two picture days last week! The first one was at her daycare and the second one was at Portrait Innovations. ((After how poorly her school pictures turned out this time last year, I was taking no chances on not having a suitable Christmas card photo!)) Lucky for us, my friend Cris has saved everything from her two children so we had not one, but two adorable Christmas dresses from which to choose!

For her school picture day, we decided to send her in the less formal, more fun dress Cris lent us. Sadly, getting her in that dress was just as difficult as getting her in her Halloween costume and did not result in a happy LB.


They said that she chippered up by the time pictures rolled around and that she actually did really well. We’ll see when we get the prints in a week or two.

For our session at Portrait Innovations, I decided to put her in the fancier dress. Again, this was a two person job and did not end with a happy, picturesque toddler.


Last year, we had Christmas pictures done at JCPenny, primarily because they are super cheap. Cris (again, she’s a parenting and money saving genius) suggested we try Portrait Innovations because they’re great with kids and not very expensive. Given that she always has the cutest pictures of her kids and nieces and nephews, I decided that it had to be better than JCP.

And it was!

They have one person who’s snapping pictures and one person who’s only job is making your child smile for the camera. And that person does not have a problem making a fool of him- or herself. (At least, our silly person didn’t.) Even though LB showed up in tears and a terrible mood, they managed to coax a smile or two out of her and we got some really good photos.

Here are a couple of my favorites:


She got REALLY mad that these were fake cookies.

1A 17AAnd they let you have one outfit change, so you can get a variety of shots. AND you can add people in and out of shots as desired, so I figured I’d get in on the action and snap a few with her.

2A 8A 10AAll in all, I was very happy with how the pictures turned out and I highly recommend checking out Portrait Innovations. I ended up only having to spend $15 or so for the cheapest portrait package on offer, which is definitely comparable to what I usually spent at JCPenny.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures!

  1. Those pictures are awesome! Poor LB and the fake cookies. 😉 We just took our family/holiday photos on Monday and I’m pretty sure our daughter had her finger up her nose for 90% of them.

  2. These are adorable! I haven’t even attempted to do photos with the two girls yet. I know at least one of them will be crying at all times.

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