That was a nice change

The Littlest Brewster and I went out for dinner, just the two of us, tonight and I don’t know what got into her but she was magic.

I picked her up from daycare around 4:55 and we headed straight to the pizza place I had picked out, only to find that it was closed! So we went with plan B, the other Italian joint in the shopping center. (What can I say? I had my heart set on a calzone.)

Everything about the experience was awesome. They let us in a few minutes early, so we didn’t have to wait in the cold. They agreed to make me a calzone, even though they usually only offer them at lunch. There was no one else there yet, so we had the place to ourselves. And, for once, the Littlest Brewster didn’t throw a tantrum or utter the word “No!” once.

I was very smart ((It has been known to happen.)) and brought some cucumber slices for her to eat while we waited for the food. And the waiter was kind enough to bring a plate of garlic bread, which helped tide over my little locust when the cukes were done.

We still had a minute or two to kill until dinner arrived, so we engaged in LB’s favorite activity: dictation. She dictates a word and I write it down.


Usually she’s content to watch me write the names of everyone in the family (including the cats), but today she insisted on throwing in some food words as well.

The calzone was awesome, by the way. And enormous! LB and I ate half and we still had enough to bring home for the DreadBrewer.

She chattered to me and the waiter the entire meal. She told me about the plates, about the man on the ladder, about the people walking by outside. I think the waiter thought she was a riot because she never stopped talking. Except to shovel more food in her mouth.

And then she was happy all the way home. Not one tantrum, not one tear.

I’m telling you – if she were like this all the time, I would want a dozen kids. I guess it’s a good thing for both my finances and world over crowding that this was a refreshing change from our usual frantic, harried dining out experience rather than the norm.

2 thoughts on “That was a nice change

  1. Bravo to you for being brave enough to go by yourself! And yay for Beanie! What does DB do to make her so horrible at restaurants?? 😉

    • It’s funny – she’s usually much better for DB than me when it comes to food. She must have decided to have pity on me for once!

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