23 Months

This is pretty much going to be a “photo dump and run” but I wanted to share the Littlest Brewster’s 23 month photo with you all. I mean, how could I deprive you of a glimpse of what the DreadBrewer considers the height of toddler fashion?


I think he might be trying to make her look like Payne Stewart, but I’m not sure.

Look for a more detailed update next month, when our super big girl turns two!!!!

5 thoughts on “23 Months

  1. My husband pulls our daughter’s socks way up, too! What is that? Are they practicing for being old man tourists with knee socks and shorts?

  2. Love it!

    Jim will go into the pile of too-small clothes and dress Ella in them. He doesn’t seem to notice that the sleeves are up at her elbows and the poor kid can barely walk because her pants are so tight. What is it with husbands and dressing kids?

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