They’re finally here!

Two things have finally arrived which I have been anticipating for months: my brand new nephew Benjamin and the Christmas lights in our neighborhood!

First, the nephew! Congratulations to Mike & Sarah on the arrival of another beautiful baby boy! I am so happy for you and I know that Alex is going to be the best big brother ever!! I can’t wait until I get to go for a visit and get in some baby cuddles. 🙂

Second, the Christmas lights!

Pretty much every night after the Littlest Brewster eats dinner, we go for a walk around the neighborhood (or a “stroller walk” as LB calls it). This is not due to any fanatical commitment to fitness on my part. It’s mainly due to the fact that, when confronted with another hour to fill until bedtime, I don’t know what else to do with her so I strap in her the stroller and go. She seems reasonably content and I manage to kill at least 30 more minutes in the countdown to toddler collapse.

Now that it gets dark so early, it hasn’t been nearly as fun for the Littlest Brewster since there’s not as much to see. I tried giving her a flashlight so she could shine it around, but she basically just shined it in her eye. I knew, however, that any day now the Christmas lights would start appearing and that she would love them.

And they’re here! And she does!

Lights 1 Lights 2

So far, there is only one house with their lights up but that’s fine by me because it is the house with the most awesome light display. The pictures don’t quite do it justice, so here’s a brief video of the awesomeness this family displays:

LB loves it so much that, even if we’ve already gone for a walk earlier in the day, we’ll stroll up to this house after dinner and spend a few minutes just watching.

I can’t wait until more houses have lights up! It’s going to make our nightly walks so much fun! Although it means I may have to invest more time and effort into decorating our house. Once LB sees all the other houses with their Santas and icicles and reindeer, I don’t know if my usual measly single strand of lights is going to cut it. I might have to actually put up a second strand of lights this year…

On a safety note, I was getting progressively more nervous the darker it got (damn you, daylight savings time!) and had tried various safety measures such as wearing the DreadBrewer’s camping headlamp while walking (which was notvery comfortable, in fact). I finally went to REI the other day and bought both a flashing clip-on light and some stick-on reflective tape. We put strips all over the front of the stroller and I clip the light to the back of my hat and I feel much safer. DB says he may still buy me a full on vest, but we’ll see if that really happens.

🙂 Hooray for babies and Christmas lights! 🙂

1 thought on “They’re finally here!

  1. That house is insane! Be glad you don’t live next door or across the street! Now I’m excited to take our babies for Christmas light walks. 🙂

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