Holiday Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fabulous long weekend! We were pretty busy at our household over the last four days; I’m really looking to having Tuesday off work to catch up on some much needed chores and sleep (or maybe just sleep!).

Thanksgiving day we decided to keep it pretty low-key since it was just the three of us and the DreadBrewer’s mom. For most of the morning, she and the Littlest Brewster had a great time watching the Macy’s day parade.


LB got pretty mad that there was so much talking and so little float watching

Since it didn’t make sense to make a huge turkey for the 3 1/2 of us, we decided to do ham this year. And we still have a ridiculous quantity of meat left over! LB loved the green beans, liked the ham and sweet potatoes okay, and was less than thrilled with the stuffing. Which was fine with me, since that’s my favorite part of the whole affair. She also had her first taste of pumpkin pie and she was a big fan of that, but who wouldn’t be?

Nov.28.13.3 Nov.28.13.5On Friday, she and I drove down to Charlotte to see my dad and to get a chance to go visit with Mike, Sarah, Alex and Ben.

Ben is so cute! And little! After toting around my gargantuan toddler for so long, I had completely forgotten how tiny and fragile newborns are! It’s funny, too, that I think he looks pretty different from Alex as a baby, even though they were the same weight and almost the same length. You can definitely tell they’re brothers but I don’t think I would get them confused. ((Okay, I have to admit – Mike tried to make me tell the difference between pictures of them both as newborns and I failed that. But in person I would never get it wrong…)) Everyone in the family seems to be adapting very well to the newest addition, which gives me hope for when our newest addition arrives next summer.

Ben 3

Isn’t he just the cutest?

Ben 2

LB wasn’t so interested in Ben. She made a half-hearted attempt at patting his head once but was far more interested in Alex and all of his new-to-her toys.

Very seriously at play

Very seriously at play

She was pretty enthralled with the play food and utensils they have, so I’m guessing that something like that will end up as a birthday or Christmas gift. It’s actually really convenient to be able to test drive toys before we buy them. 🙂

And then we headed back home. Unfortunately, both on the way there and back, she only slept for 30 to 45 minutes in the car, instead of her usual 2 hour nap. So not only does that defeat the purpose of hanging around until 11:00 to leave so that nap time coincides with car time, but it also makes for a fairly grumpy LB whenever we get where we’re going. If she’s not going to sleep anyway, I think we’ll just leave at the crack of dawn next time and get the trip over with that much sooner.

And there you have it – a rundown of what we did with our long weekend. What did you all do?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Recap

  1. 1. Can’t get over how LB is such a big girl now. Look at her cheesin’ in that one photo! And how attentive she is as she watches the parade!
    2. Ben is ADORABLE!!!
    3. We’ve run into that same issue with car naps. I’ve found it works to leave a little later, i.e. get her *really* tired, and also make sure she’s really full and warm before we get going.

    ❤ ❤

  2. I thought about calling you twenty times but didn’t. 😛 And cleaned up lots of barf. That’s what I did.

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