LB to English Dictionary

The Littlest Brewster is a very talkative toddler. The vast majority of the time, she’s pretty easy to understand and makes her point fairly well. But sometimes, things get a little lost in translation. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the cute and/or unusual words or phrases she’s come up with along the way.

LB: Cheepers
Means: Pictures. She says this any time she sees a smartphone or a camera and its her way of begging you to show her pictures and videos of herself. (One of her favorite activities. She’s very vain…)

LB: Slide table
Means: She wants to get closer to something. It started with her wanting her chair slid closer to the table, but now she says it anytime she needs to move closer. It’s funniest in the bath when she’s trying to scoot right up in the corner of the tub and chanting, “Slide table! Slide table!”

LB: Crackers
Means: It depends. She can be talking about a cracker you can eat but usually lately she’s talking about the backs of her knees, where her eczema is. As in “Crackers hurt!” Yesterday morning she told me “pants tight, hurt crackers!” So we had to switch from leggings to loose corduroys and slather some more lotion on her crackers.

LB: Amen
Means: We need to say grace before eating so LB can shout “AMEN!” and then instruct us “Now eat!” Sometimes we get “More amen!” two or three times before the meal is over. She loves her some amen.

Also, randomly this weekend, she started running up to me or the DreadBrewer and saying, “Boy scary! Little boy scary!” and sort of gesturing behind her. One time, she told me, “Little boy scary! No bite bottom!” We have no idea where this came from. Who is this little boy? Why is he trying to bite her bottom? I told my friend Cris – wouldn’t it be bizarre if our house was haunted by a little boy ghost and LB is the only one who can see it?

And finally, we have a group of 5 or so books we pick from every night before bed. Naturally she doesn’t call them by their titles because that would be too easy.
Goodnight Moon = Hush moon
Leo the Late Bloomer = Boomer
Guess How Much I Love You? = Brown hare
Where The Wild Things Are = Claws (as in: they showed their terrible claws)

What funny phrases does your toddler say?

I love comments! Feel free to leave one!

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