The 7th circle of hell? Perhaps not

I’ve heard from other moms how Monkey Joe’s is the seventh circle of hell, a cesspool of germs and screaming children and one of the most loathsome places on earth.

This past weekend, I decided to find out for myself and, with some trepidation, loaded up the Littlest Brewster and headed over to Monkey Joe’s. I had a coupon for $2 off, so I figured if it did suck, I would only be out $3 and we could chalk it up as a learning experience.

Well, maybe we’re the exception to the rule but we had an awesome time. We got there right when it opened, so it wasn’t crowded at all. LB actually had the run of the place for 15 minutes or so. And once other kids started coming in, there were still enough jumping areas that we could always find one with only one or no other kids using it.

I knew I would be allowed to help the Littlest Brewster out, but I didn’t think it would be such a workout. I will definitely be wearing short sleeves and yoga pants next time we go because I was sweating like a stuck pig within minutes. And I think grippy socks for me and LB are a necessity as well.

The only problems we ran into were when LB wanted to go up one of the two slides that were waaaay too big for her and when I decided we had had enough fun and tried to get my little jumping demon out of there. There were definitely tears…

When we go back, and I know we will because $5 seems a small price to pay for at least an hour of entertainment on a rainy day, I want to go in a weekday. I can only imagine that Tuesdays will be absolutely desolate in comparison to Saturdays.

And then maybe I can try that enormous slide. I mean, LB. Maybe LB can try that enormous slide…

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