Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend time with their loved ones! We had a fabulous day ourselves, so naturally I’ve got a bunch of pictures to share! 🙂 (I’m nothing if not consistent.)

Last year, the DreadBrewer and I made the mistake of not assembling the Littlest Brewster’s gift on Christmas Eve. Which meant that we’re trying to put the damn thing together simultaneous with her trying to get in it. It was not fun. So this year, we were smart and assembled her present the night before the big day.

She’s really into cooking lately, so we got her a play kitchen from Amazon. I was heartened when I opened the box and it said “5 pieces” – I thought to myself, “This’ll be easy!” Ha! 5 pieces, my ass. Try 95… Needless to say, it was nearly an hour and 45 minutes before DB and I had it ready to go. I am so glad we didn’t try to do it on Christmas day with LB running around like a mad woman.

Kitchen 1

Like my wrapping paper bow? Cuz I’m classy like that

Kitchen 2The Littlest Brewster was immediately enthralled – so much so that she didn’t even ask for a squirty (applesauce pouch), something that hasn’t happened in months.

Here are some of the better pictures from the day:


She calls it her “chicken”


Building towers, first thing in the morning. It’s pre-coffee, hence the dazed look on Mommy’s face


Choo-choo train!


Hot cocoa at breakfast! How decadent can you get?


In carrying on my family’s tradition, we had bagels and lox for breakfast. Delicious! (And I may have had it for dinner too.)


Modeling the apron Aunt Jessie sent her to help with cooking


I got the DreadBrewer an air compressor complete with toys, I mean, tools like a finish nailer. He was enthralled as well.


I think this may be our best Christmas picture yet

In what is perhaps a moment of parental brilliance and perhaps a moment of total Grinch-itude, I packed up some of the toys that LB had received and put them aside for later. As in, a few weeks or months later. Everyone was so generous that she was honestly overwhelmed with all the new stuff and I didn’t think it all that fair that she wasn’t even touching some of the gifts. So once the newness of the ones we left wears off, we’ll be able to bust out some new toys and have her actually be excited about them. Hey – I figure, take advantage while she’s still too young to know about it.

Merry (belated) Christmas to everyone! Hopefully your day was just as fun as ours was!

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