What the…?

So yesterday a patient’s husband – who knows I am pregnant – says “You’re getting fat.”

When is that ever okay to say to anyone, pregnant or no?!?

I managed not to punch him in the throat, which I thought was really admirable of me.

Granted this is the same person who told me last week that the DreadBrewer doesn’t really want another daughter. He wants a son, he just doesn’t know it yet and won’t until he gets one and realizes how much more awesome sons are.

When he told me that, I managed not to karate chop him on behalf of his daughter, which I also thought was admirable of me.

What is it about pregnancy that brings out the stupid in other people?

I’ve got to deal with 5 more months of stupid? Sans vast quantities of beer?

God help us all.

3 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. Sounds like that dude has the stupid pretty well ingrained. I can’t imagine even saying ONE of those things to someone, much less both! :O

  2. Just go ahead and smack ’em, you can always blame the pregnancy hormones… and the fact that they are just idiots!

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