Play date with Suzy

The Littlest Brewster got to get together with her buddy Suzy this weekend, which was awesome because it meant that I got to get together with my buddy Schmiddie!

The girls played so well together! Which was doubly awesome because it meant that Schmiddie and I got to sit and talk for nearly two solid hours while LB and Suzy ran around like idiots. No lie – they chased each other in a circle around the downstairs for at least 25 minutes without ceasing.

At one point, LB discovered that if she jumped up and down on the chair it would make Suzy laugh like crazy. So of course, there was much jumping and laughing as LB is a total ham for other people’s approval. ((Aren’t we all?))

The DreadBrewer was happy because he got a chance to show off share some homebrew with Schmiddie’s husband Alan. He tried a pint of Porter and was very enthusiastic about how delicious it is . We know it’s tasty but it’s always nice to have that opinion validated.





Schmiddie et. al. are moving back to the Charlotte area this coming summer, which is one of the most exciting pieces of news I’ve had in a long time. The girls already get along so well that it will be nice for them to get together even more frequently. And I won’t turn my nose up at seeing one of my best friends more often.

Now if I could just convince Jessie and Elise to move their families to the area, I would be in heaven.

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