What a big girl!

The Littlest Brewster hit two more milestones that just drive home the fact that she’s not my little baby anymore.

First, we turned her car seat around so that it’s forward-facing. Now technically, we could have done extended rear-facing as there was still room for her in the seat that way. But as we’d already done a year beyond the mandated 12 months and she is well over the height and weight requirements for forward-facing, we felt comfortable switching her once she turned two.

And I can’t tell you what a difference it makes in terms of room in my car! It’s insane how much less room the car seat takes up this way compared to the old way. LB doesn’t seem really impressed with the change – she hasn’t said anything about it being better or liking being able to see. But Mommy loves it.

The other thing we’ve started doing with LB is marking her height on the door jamb.

We had actually tried to do this with her about a month ago and she wasn’t having any of it. So we waited a bit and tried again. And now I have irrefutable proof that LB is a big girl now.

And I know potty training isn’t too far off, either. What’s next? College applications?!?


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