BIT’s 18 Week Update

I know that not everyone is as fascinated with my pregnancy as I am, so I don’t plan on subjecting you all to a constant barrage of “OMG, this is what’s happening right now!” But as this is a blog about beer and babies, I figure biweekly updates on the progress of little BIT isn’t exactly over the top. Thus we have our first BIT update – 18-week edition. This one will most likely be longer than subsequent ones, as I have more things to tell you this time.

Everyone is always interested in how much weight you’ve gained when you’re pregnant, and since I have no shame when it comes to sharing such personal details as my weight on the internet, here is the official weight gain total this far: 2.6 lbs. I’m counting my goal weight of 155 as my starting weight, even though I technically lost a little bit more weight after I got my BFP. In my opinion, it only counts as actual weight gain once you’ve surpassed the weight you were when you got pregnant, not when you’re putting back on the pounds you lost due to food aversions. And I know this is super-obnoxious, but I’m kind of irritated that I did put back on all of those food-aversion pounds so quickly but the holidays were not kind to my waistline. I’m doing my best to stick to my daily calorie goal and not go crazy just because I’m pregnant, but it’s hard when everyone and their brother is telling you to eat the cookie since you’re knocked up or the “baby wants it” or you’re eating for two. ((And no, pregnant women are not eating for two. They are eating for 1.25 and should not go crazy. At least, that’s what I tell myself.)) But I’ve started packing a ton of healthy snacks so that I have options besides the cookie and we’ll see how that goes. I would like to keep my weight gain to the totally acceptable rate of a pound a week from here on out.

I’m still exercising between 5 and 6 days a week, mainly on the elliptical or other low-impact cardio. I was pretty crampy for 48 hours after the Commitment Day 5K, so running is officially off the table, much to the DreadBrewer’s relief. He kept telling me I was going to bounce the baby out and exhorting me to take it easier. Some days, my “exercise” consists of taking the Littlest Brewster for a walk around the neighborhood, but at least I’m moving. It’s been so cold here that I’ve actually done a cardio video in the living room a few times, with LB thinks is hilarious and calls “Mommy jumping.” She has become incredibly possessive of the free weights and puts up a fight when we get to the strength training parts and Mommy has the audacity to want to use “her” weights. She can usually be convinced to let me use the heavier ones while she pretends to use the lighter ones (heavier being a relative term as they’re 3 lbs versus the other 1 lb weights).



Because exercising while pregnant isn’t hard enough…

I can officially confirm that you do start to show earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. With the Littlest Brewster, no one could really tell I was pregnant until, like, 25 weeks or so. And I don’t remember when I switched to maternity jeans, but I know it wasn’t this early with her. With BIT, you can definitely tell there’s something going on and I’ve already busted out the belly bands and maternity jeans. Granted, I get conflicting reports from the general public, whom you all know have to comment on pregnant women’s bumps almost as a matter of course. Half the people say you can’t tell I’m pregnant and the other half say I’m absolutely enormous already. For comparison, here’s a picture of me at 18 weeks with LB:

Week 18 Belly

And here’s a picture of me at 18 weeks with BIT:


And here’s a picture of BIT from our anatomy scan yesterday!

I like how it looks like BIT is smiling

I like how it looks like BIT is smiling

As you all remember (but in case there are people out there who don’t), the anatomy scan is when they take a detailed look at the baby and make sure he or she isn’t missing anything vital. It is also when they can tell you the sex of the baby, if you decide to go that route. DB and I are a bit of an anomaly in that we do not find out the sex. Strangely enough, 90% of our friends and family members elected not to find out either, making us a little cell of “Team Green” in the vast ocean of “If I don’t find out, I’ll die!” It drives some of the women I work with BSC that they don’t know and I know it irritated my mom to no end. But I think it’s fun and makes the delivery even more exciting. If I had to guess what this baby is, I would say its a boy. So does the DreadBrewer. However, we both would have sworn on the Holy Bible that LB was a boy, so we’re perhaps not the best judge of “What’s in there?” Either way, we’ll see come June.

I’ve started to feel tiny little baby kicks, just over the last 3 or 4 days. I don’t actually think that this is any earlier than I felt LB, although “everyone” says you feel movement sooner with the second baby. It’s exciting to be able to feel BIT in there and I’m really looking forward to when he/she is big enough for the DreadBrewer and LB to feel it too.

3 thoughts on “BIT’s 18 Week Update

  1. So exciting!! Everything happened earlier for me in this (2nd) pregnancy too…well, everything except actually having the baby. At this point I think I’ll be racing you to a delivery in June. 😉 Also, LB totally counts as additional ankle weight for the workouts, so you’re clearly building more muscle! ;D

  2. It is way too easy to justify that extra cookie being pregnant, and it really can get annoying when people tell you the old you’re eating for two thing (we all know that’s not really true). I think the only reason I didn’t gain a ton of weight was b/c of my GD diagnosis, it really made me keep the junk food consumption in check, so in a way it was a good thing. An irritating thing but a good thing. And I do think it looks like BIT is smiling in the pic!

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