Snow Day!!

As you all may remember from my mentioning it numerous times before, I do not like cold weather. I don’t understand the appeal of snow – why would you want to be cold and wet at the same time? However, it is a universal truth that we tolerate or even (gasp!) enjoy things for the sake of our children that we would never countenance for ourselves.

And thus I am actually excited that today is the first ever snow day at home with the Littlest Brewster.

Last night we got somewhere around 3-4″ of snow at our house and across most of the city, with some places getting considerably more. This being the South and us having no idea what to do with snow and other inclement winter weather, life has essentially shut down. Everything’s closed today and there will most likely be at least a delay tomorrow. ((Thank God we have 15 gallons of homebrew in the keezer. Otherwise I might be worried about making it through the Great NC Blizzard of 2014.))

Naturally we started our snow day with a German Apple Pancake, although today’s variation was blueberry-banana.

Then we ventured out for some fun in the snow. “Fun” meaning LB ran around like an idiot and I huddled there and watched her. I did attempt to make a snowball, but the snow is way too dry to pack, rendering it useless for building. Poo. 😡




When we first got out, LB insisted on taking off her gloves and I asked her why. She gave me a look like “Are you really that dense?” and replied, “Because I want to touch it.” Oh. Silly mommy…

We only lasted about 20 minutes before I was done we were cold enough to want to warm up. There were many tears and many promises that we would go back out later before LB stopped beIng upset at the ignominiousness of coming inside. So I guess we’ll be playing in the snow again later. The things we do for our kids!

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