I am *so* sick of this

There was a period during my pregnancy with the Littlest Brewster where I was sick with one thing or another for a solid month. 4 weeks, 4 trips to the doctor, 4 different illnesses.

I felt like I was never going to be healthy and be able to enjoy my pregnancy again. It was probably the only really bad part of that pregnancy because the rest was easy.

Well, it looks like I am smack in the middle of my 4th week and 4th illness with BIT’s pregnancy. And I am so sick of this shit.

First it was the terrible head cold. Okay, no big deal, rest and fluids.

Then it was the UTI/kidney stone fiasco. All right – antibiotics, more rest, and more fluids.

Next up was the sinus infection that got so bad I couldn’t eat due to jaw and face pain. More antibiotics, more rest, and I now feel like I’m floating away.

Well, the DreadBrewer is struggling with something bad and I have officially contracted it in all it’s gory glory.

Raging fever and chills? Check.
Body aches? Check.
Cough? ((It’s not quite as relentless as The Cough – yet – but it’s infinitely more painful.)) Check.

Thank God that daycare was open at its usual time today. I bundled LB up as soon as humanly possible, deposited her in the care of people who are not afflicted with the plague, and ran home to snuggle under mounds of blankets. DB and I are particularly pathetic today, although I think he’s at least on the upswing.

The OB’s office wants me to go urgent care and get the flu swab. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a bad patient and not go because a) I know it’s the flu and it’ll run it’s course in a few days and b) those urgent care visits are expensive and c) (most importantly) I’m not sure I can drag my sorry carcass off the couch and into a doctor’s office. I just don’t have it in me.

Looks like we’re back to Tylenol, rest, and fluids. The OB wants me to drink 100+ ounces a day while I’m ill. Anyone have a boat?

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