Yep. Got it.

I decided to be a good patient for once and get my flu swab. A process that is a heck of a lot more painful than I had anticipated.


And I’ve definitely got the flu.

So I picked up my tamiflu on the way home and will do my best to quarantine myself from LB for the next few days. Please, oh please, let her somehow miraculously dodge the flu bullet.

The thought of taking care of a sick toddler when I myself feel like death is almost enough to make me weep.

Thankfully the DreadBrewer’s mom is going to come over and wrangle LB this weekend so that we can stay as isolated as possible. Hooray for family!

**This is when I need to get on my soapbox and say that the fact that I got the flu even after I got the flu vaccine does not mean the flu shot doesn’t work or isn’t worth it. The flu shot is just science’s best guess at which three or four strains of the flu out of hundreds will be most prevalent this year. I just happened to be exposed to a strain that wasn’t anticipated to be widespread and thus wasn’t in the vaccine. Getting vaccinated is still the number one way to prevent the flu and one of the best things you can do for yourself each October.**

2 thoughts on “Yep. Got it.

  1. OH NO!!! I hope you feel better soon.

    and Becky wanted to add: “…I told yall she looked sick” 🙂 but in the best way possible lol.

    • Ha! Well now I know to listen to Becky! 🙂

      And if you thought I looked bad yesterday, you should see me today.

      On second thought, that’s probably not something good idea. Wouldn’t want to scare anyone.

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