BIT update: 22 weeks down! 18 to go!

Hard to believe that another two weeks have flown by and it’s time for a BIT update! This could primarily be due to the fact that I spent the last two weeks in a sinus-infection and flu-induced stupor and didn’t really pay attention to many things around me…

How am I feeling? Now that I’ve got the previously mentioned illnesses behind me, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve got some residual fatigue and dizziness from the flu but I have high hopes that I am turning a corner – germ-wise – and will actually get to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. The second trimester is fairly accurately called the honeymoon period of pregnancy because you don’t feel as bad as you did in the first tri and you’re not so enormous that you don’t enjoy things like will be the case in the third tri. You’ve got a reasonably cute baby bump and you still feel like doing stuff, so hooray baby! I’m looking forward to not being sick and getting to enjoy my pregnancy honeymoon. So if you’ve got something contagious, please stay away from me as I am apparently a magnet for germs.

But how am I *really* feeling? Oh, you mean about the fact that we are over halfway to having two kids in the house? How am I feeling about that? Well, to tell you the truth, some days I am scared out of my mind at the prospect of two of these little demons running around. These are usually days when the Littlest Brewster has been a holy terror (aka two years old) and I am at my wits end and I’m pretty much convinced DB and I were smoking something when we decided to try for another baby. Some days I’m very zen about it and accept that it will be hard and it will most likely suck sometimes and be fine sometimes but that we’ll get through it and have two lovely children out of the deal. I’m nervous about losing my one-on-one time with LB. I’m nervous about not having as much time for BIT as I did for LB when she was a baby. (And yes, I know both of those are inevitabilities.) But I try to remind myself that we are not the first parents to have more than one child, nor are we the first parents to have these exact same fears and concerns. And we’ll just have to take it one day at a time. Maybe one nap at a time. And we’ll have to make sure to amp up our production of homebrew.

The Monkey In My Belly: BIT is a very active little bugger, just like the Littlest Brewster was. Kicks and movement get stronger every day, although we’re still in that interim phase where I can feel it but the DreadBrewer can’t. Granted, the little bugger stops moving pretty much as soon as I squash DB’s hand on my stomach, which may be contributing to the lack of feeling. I’m not as worried about his feeling it this time, though, probably because I know it will happen eventually.

Here’s the bump this week:


Not really much of a change from the last picture. My weight this week was 160.0 lbs, which puts total gain at 5.0 lbs. I had gained a little bit more than that, but the flu knocked me down a peg or two. Hard to keep up your food intake when everything tastes like sawdust, you know? Now that I’ve got my tastebuds back, I expect to go back to eating normally – and as healthfully as possible – again. Although I saw an add for Zaxby’s the other day and may have to indulge in some buffalo tenders and crinkle fries. (It’s not for me, it’s for BIT!) I am also looking forward to finally getting back to the gym. Between my various illnesses and the snow, I’ve only gone once in the last two weeks. And yes, I know those are extenuating circumstances, but I am a much happier person when I can put in 30 or 45 minutes on the elliptical. I know DB will fuss, but I’m thinking I can start back with at least a gentle walk on the treadmill tomorrow.

1 thought on “BIT update: 22 weeks down! 18 to go!

  1. Ramping up the home-brew production is definitely a smart move. 😉 I have to say that MOST things about two kids are easier than I’d thought or….well, if not *easier*, than at least not the utter disaster that I’d feared. My biggest problem is that the baby really only sleeps if I’m wearing him in the Ergo, so I still feel pregnant (size-wise) all the time. 😉

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