Lately, I feel like I’m being buried under more.

More sickness. My sinus infection hasn’t cleared up. I don’t even know if I would remember how to breathe through my nose if I were suddenly able.

More snow. It was a 2 hour drive for 20 miles today to get home from work – and I was one of the lucky ones.


I’m pretty sure I’m looking forward to at least a day or two trapped in the house with an antsy toddler.

More stress at work and seemingly every other aspect of my life.

So I just haven’t had it in me to post. And I think I’m not going to post anything else until I get back next week from a much needed long weekend away with Jessie. It’s going to be a vacation from everything.

I can’t wait. I could use a little less in my life right now.

1 thought on “More

  1. Ugh, so sorry about all this. I’m so glad you have a vacation to look forward to!

    RE: sinus infection, I have felt that way (feeling like I’ll never be able to breathe through my nose again) for much of the winter. I have resorted to drinking millions of hot waters with lemon and honey. I mean, we’re talking I’d get halfway through one hot water and then put another water on the stove, and just keep going until I went to sleep. It helped when I was consistent with it.

    Feel better soon and remember it’s ok to resort to some cartoons every now and then! We love SuperWhy and Pocoyo.

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