BIT’s 24 Week Update

So what’s going on on the pregnancy front?

We’re getting ever closer to BIT’s arrival and I have done nothing to get ready for this one. By this point with LB, the nursery was ready to go, we had most everything else ready… At this point, all of the newborn stuff is still on the attic. I figure we’ll bust it out sometime around 38 weeks or so. 🙂 Plenty of time.

Weight Gain: I was holding pretty steady at 160.8 before I left, but then I had my San Antonio getaway with Jessie. Sigh. So the number this morning was 163.8, which puts weight gain at 8.8 lbs to date. I figure if I can eat healthfully for the next two weeks, it will mitigate some of the vacation damage (because you know that’s mainly vacation bloat) before I have to weigh in at my OB’s office.

Totally Obnoxious: My flu-cough has officially morphed into The Cough, and it is driving me crazy. And it is making me go through clean underwear like nobody’s business, even with a liner, if you know what I mean. I hate taking medicine normally and even more so when I’m pregnant, but I’ve had to resort to using some (approved) cough suppressants. But I think it may be time to go back to the doctor just to get checked out. This is going on 6 weeks of sinus stuff and coughing and general sickness, which seems a little excessive even to me.

Fitness: Between work and sickness and travel and snow, I’ve made it to gym perhaps twice in the last month. Which irritates me to no end as a) that’s wasting my dues money and b) that seriously ups my stress level. I am much calmer and happier when I exercise consistently. So I’m going to make a concerted effort to make it back to the gym and soon. It helps that one of my best friends has joined with her family, so now we can exercise together and take the kids to the pool if we want. Granted, walking up stairs in San Antonio about killed me, so the return to the gym may have to be more gradual than I anticipate.

Fun Tidbit: I felt BIT hiccuping for the first time last Sunday, which was pretty awesome. Now that I can feel the kicks and movement fairly consistently, it looks like this baby will be as active as the Littlest Brewster was. God help us…

Coming Up: Next OB appointment is my one hour glucose test. I passed with flying colors last pregnancy, but that’s no guarantee this time. I’m torn between wanting to eat everything carby I can get my hands on in case it’s my last chance and wanting to avoid carbs if possible so as to stack the deck in my favor. I think the most sensible thing would be to do neither and just eat healthfully and hope for the best.

And finally, this week’s bump! Hooray for pregnant bellies!


1 thought on “BIT’s 24 Week Update

  1. Love your bump!

    You have plenty of time to get stuff ready- after all, what do you really need in the first few weeks? Diapers, beer, onesies?

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