Yeast, revisited

I wrote recently how the DreadBrewer and I had made the switch from Wyeast to White Labs yeast for our homebrew.

Well, I need to recant that statement.

DB, it turns out, was not pleased with the fermentation we were getting and thought that some of our brews had a bit of an off flavor due to lack of flocculation and too much residual sugar in the beer.

So with our last brew, we gave good old Wyeast 1056 another go and we were both exceedingly pleased. Fermentation – like, full on fermentation, not tiny bubbling – started within 2 hours. We hit our target final gravity. (We actually surpassed it by a few points.) And hopefully the beer will taste phenomenal. (Another week or so before we know, sadly enough.)

I just wanted to let you all know (if you were thinking about switching yeasts) that we’ve decided to stick with our tried-and-true Wyeast.

Happy fermenting!

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