What a difference!

What a difference a few months makes!

Maybe it’s that I’ve realized that worrying won’t keep LB from getting bumps and bruises in the course of playing.

Or maybe it’s just that I’m too tired from chasing the Littlest Brewster while growing BIT to worry as much as I used to.

Whatever the reason, LB now essentially has free rein on the swing set.

And amazingly, she’s doing great. She can scamper up the ladder and climb the rock wall no problem. She’s mastered going down the slide on her bum, on her stomach, forwards, backwards, any way you can imagine. She can get on and off most of the swings herself.

Mar.2.14.1 Mar.2.14.2



I’m still convinced that there will be a bloody nose or a split lip somewhere in the future of this swing set, but I’m not as certain that death or dismemberment is just around the corner.

And I have to say – it is way more fun and relaxing to play outside this way than the way I used to! Who knows what other worries exhaustion and advancing pregnancy can make me abandon?

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