BIT Update: 26 Weeks

Officially 6 months down, 3 months to go!

Things have gone fairly well the last two weeks. Actually, given that I am finally not plagued with sniffles or a cough, they’ve been going pretty darn fabulously. (Knock on wood – I’m praying that I’m done with illness for the rest of this pregnancy!)

Fitness: So now that I’m capable of breathing through my nose and don’t feel terrible all the time, I’ve been making it back to the gym a lot more. And one of my best friends (who is coincidentally pregnant as well) has joined my gym, so that’s even more of an incentive to go. We have a great time on the elliptical, flaunting our bumps and discussing our toddlers’ antics. I am getting a little tired of the elliptical, since its been almost two months since I stopped running. I know there are people who run throughout their pregnancies, but it was just too hard on me to keep it up. But I miss it so much. I keep having dreams where I’m running and them I remember that I’m pregnant and I feel so guilty. And I wake up and I just miss running. But at least I’m exercising at all, right?

Obnoxious Comments: I’ve had people tell me recently:
-That I must be having a girl since I’ve gotten so hippy. (Yes, because girls make your pelvis spread more than boys. And I’m not more “hippy”, thankyouverymuch.)
-That they can’t tell I’m pregnant since I’m stocky already. (Um, thanks?)
-That my bump feels like an 8-month bump, not a 6-month bump (from a blind patient who grabbed my stomach without asking. Because I love that).
-That my bump just keeps getting bigger (No shit, Sherlock. It’s a baby and its growing.).
-That I look more pregnant every time they see me. (See above.)
I’m just constantly amazed at the stupid things that come out of people’s mouths. And at my fortitude for smiling and thanking them and not making terribly biting and sarcastic comments like I would like to do.

The Scrub SNAFU: Remember how I had bought those scrubs with the stretchy waistband, thinking I could wear them under the bump throughout the pregnancy? Well, I forgot one key point: I hate having waistbands underneath my bump. I’m strictly a full-belly-panel sort of girl. So first I ordered the medium size of the maternity scrubs I already had in large (which were ginormous). Well, those were a bit too big as well. So I returned those and ordered a small pair. Well, those were a decent fit but not for long, I could tell. So I returned those and reordered two pairs of the medium size ones with which to make do. I tried to do all of this surreptitiously, but somehow the DreadBrewer realized what I was up to and got just a tiny bit upset about the extraneous and ridiculous shipping fees I was paying. I put the large size scrubs on Craigslist to try and defray some of the shipping fees I’ve accrued, but so far no one’s interested. Looks like I’ll just be a maternity scrub hoarder.

Eating/Weight Gain: I had been making a concerted effort to eat healthfully and mitigate the San Antonio damage, but it’s sort of fallen by the wayside lately. I’m still doing my best to make healthy choices most of the time and I start every day with the best of intentions, but somewhere between 3:00 and bedtime, I go off the rails, especially when it comes to sweets. My sweet tooth this pregnancy is terrible compared to last pregnancy – I think that all of the crap goodies over Christmas ruined me! I did have the most brilliant idea ever the other night and took a chocolate covered doughnut, cut it in half like a hamburger bun, slathered peanut butter on it, and then stuck it back together. Most brilliant and delicious treat ever.


Amazingly enough, all of these sweets ((I say this like I’m chowing down on sugar constantly, which I assure you is not really the case. Peanut butter, now, that’s a different story.)) have not been as unkind to me on the scale as I had feared and my weight this morning was 162.8 lbs. Which puts total gain at 7.8 lbs, which is not really all that terrible for 26 weeks.

I have my glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning at the OB’s office, which may put the kibosh on the sweets anyway. And I’ll get to see if the doctor has anything to say about my weight gain, but I doubt it.

26 weeks

Other than that, I’m just hanging in there and growing BIT. I think we’re going to work on converting the Littlest Brewster to a big girl bed in the next month or so, so as to have the crib for BIT. But that will be a trial tribulation ordeal for a whole ‘nother post, I’m sure.

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