Bits of Random, Littlest Brewster Edition

Below is a collection of stories and tidbits and whatnot about and from the Littlest Brewster over the past few weeks.She’s precocious, to say the least.


The four most dreaded words ever: “What you having Mommy?” Usually uttered as the I try to cram food into my mouth before LB realizes that I am (gasp!) eating something and not sharing it with her. I swear, this kid has a radar that can detect food at 100 paces. And don’t even try telling her it’s something unpalatable. No matter what you tell her it is, she will tell you very, very earnestly “I have some. I have some vegetables/vitamins/lumps of coal.” Radar, I tell you.


Also on the food note, the kid has ratted me out more than once by finding either a wrapper or a crumb that I have inadvertently left behind and taken it over to her father for explanation. That’s how the DreadBrewer found out I was eating our stash of Valentine’s candy behind his back. Thanks, kid.


The Littlest Brewster is obsessed with singing and will frequently dictate what songs should be sung and by whom. God forbid you join in when it’s supposed to be a solo effort, as this will only lead to shouts of “No! I do it! Stop singing Mommy!” Some of her favorite songs are: Tickle Other One (Twinkle, twinkle little star), Farmer Dell (Farmer in the dell), Ring-a-rosie, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed. (However, this song somehow always defaults to 4 monkeys. No more, no less. 4 monkeys.)

In the car in the mornings, there is a CD of kids’ songs my dad gave me that LB insists we listen to. (“No! It’s my turn!!! My music!!!!” Commence wailing and gnashing of teeth if Mommy dares to listen to something as unacceptable as adult radio.) I’ve heard it so many times that I frequently have the songs on repeat in my head when I’m up at 3 am with insomnia. If I never hear Hot Cross Buns again, it’ll be too soon.


Two funny things LB has told us recently:
1) “I don’t eat books, only food.” (I just thought that was hilarious. I don’t think DB thought it was quite as funny. Cute, but not as funny.)
2) “I’m going to have a beer with Daddy when I’m older.” Yep, definitely our daughter.


The room she is in at daycare is the potty-training room. Consequently, the Littlest Brewster will occasionally decide that she should sit on her potty at home. (I think she’s actually peed in the potty maybe 3 times. It’s usually just sitting.) However, she’s convinced that you have to take your pants entirely off at least one leg in order to sit on the potty. This drives me crazy. But I can’t convince her otherwise.


Being two is hard and frequently leads to some epic tantrums for no good reason. In the last few weeks, LB has had a meltdown because:
-Ethan was sitting too close to her jacket.
-The door to the fire station was closed when we drove past.
-Her shoe was off. (After she had taken it off.)
-Her shoe was on. (After she had put it back on.)
-She wanted a bite of bread. I handed her a piece of bread. She didn’t want a bite of bread.
-DB or I had the audacity to either a) turn on the bathroom light without her assistance or b) open the toilet without her assistance.

Needless to say, we’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring the worst of the tantrums (provided she’s safe, blah blah blah). Other people, particularly those without small children, usually have a harder time. I was talking to my dad on the phone during the shoe incident and he seemed genuinely concerned that someone was hacking her to pieces. I assured him she was fine, but he caved and got off the phone about 2 minutes later. I’m guessing that without regular exposure, one’s “Obnoxious Child Filter” becomes ineffective due to disuse.


We’ve started instituting time outs for behavior that we find unacceptable and it’s remarkably effective. For example, we think that LB should pick up her toys every night before we go upstairs for bed. One night, she wouldn’t help and was being completely defiant and rude. 2 minute time out later, we’ve had no more issues this week. It’s not something we’ve had to do frequently (I think only twice in the last week), but it seems to work.


There you have it. Some of the cute and not-so-cute things the Littlest Brewster has been up to lately.

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