Seed Starting Extravaganza

We had a seed starting extravaganza at our house this past Saturday!

Okay, well not really an extravaganza, as we only did our tomatoes and peppers (about 90 cells total) but it’s the start of our seed starting production for the year. We’ve got at least one or two types of plants to start each of the next 4 weekends, in addition to one or two plants to direct sow each weekend as well.

20140309-105645.jpg 20140309-105654.jpg 20140309-105705.jpg 20140309-105713.jpgObviously, the painter’s tape won’t work to designate which seeds are which once they start to come up. I’m going to go by the craft store and get a big box of Popsicle sticks on my day off this week.

If everything goes according to plan – and we don’t forget to turn off either the seed warming mats or the grow lights when appropriate and inadvertently cook our plants – the tomatoes should be ready to go in about 8 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and the DreadBrewer decided to buy all of our tomato seeds from Tomato Growers Supply Company in Florida and only select varieties designated as heat tolerant. Hopefully, this means we get plants that can withstand a scorching a North Carolina summer without folding like deck chairs.

Additionally, DB toiled solo for a few hours on Sunday and planted our kohlrabi, leeks, onions, and parsnips while the Littlest Brewster and I napped. I had every intention of only taking a quick nap and then helping him, but you know how it goes.

20140309-142231.jpgEthan practically insisted that I stay in the bed and have a cuddle. And yes, he sleeps like that all the time, even at night.

Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to resist the siren song of warm bed and snuggly kitty and do my fair share of garden toil.


Although doesn’t snuggling with a cuddly BeerCat look way more relaxing than that?

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