Which camp are you in?

Over the course of the workday, I was told:
1) “You are going to be ENORMOUS by the time you have that baby. I can’t believe you have 12 more weeks to go!”
2) “You’re so tiny! Your baby is going to be really small. Are you eating enough?”



I apologize for the grainy pictures…

So which camp are you in?

On second thought, don’t answer that. Let’s just go with “You look lovely! You’re such a pretty pregnant lady!”

1 thought on “Which camp are you in?

  1. I’ve never quite understood peoples obsession/need to comment over how ‘big’ a pregnant woman’s belly is (or isn’t)! I got tired after a while of people telling me I was still so small (mainly b/c I kinda felt like I was smuggling a giant beach ball under my shirt so I felt like they were all just liars!)

    I think you look fabulous, I know you work hard to eat healthy (which is hard anytime, especially when pregnant) and you are doing a kick butt job!

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