BIT’s 28 week update

Well, I’ve officially made it to the third trimester. Hard to believe that in 12 short weeks (give or take a bit), BIT will be making his or her debut.

For the most part, I try – I really try – not to complain about the aches and pains and whatnot of pregnancy. I think that I’m a reasonably happy pregnant lady and that I don’t whine too much or too often. ((And if I’m delusional and I really am a whiny brat about being pregnant, please leave me to my delusions.)) But I’ve got to get a few of the things that are really bothering me right now off my chest. I apologize in advance for the pity party update.

The Chafe: The chafe isn’t actually something reserved solely for pregnant women. Anyone who has lost weight and is now dealing with pants that are a size too large will be familiar with the affliction of which I speak. See, when you have pants that fit – or a waist where you can use a belt, something I sadly lack nowadays – the crotch of your pants stays where it’s supposed to. But when you lack a waist (or your pants are too large), the crotch of your pants is constantly sliding down a few inches. So you spend the whole day shimmying your pants back up where they belong, while developing a horrible case of chafing where the seam of your pants rubs between your thighs. This sucks. Given the whole “lack of waist so a belt is out of the question” thing, I’ve actually – sadly – resorted to wearing a pair of DB’s boxers underneath the pants that are the worst offenders. Its not sexy by any means, but I was desperate to stop walking like John Wayne.

The Heartburn: I’ve officially reached the stage in my pregnancy where my heartburn is so bad that I have to sleep sitting up. And it’s not really so much heartburn that makes this necessary as the fact that if I fall asleep flat or nearly flat, I’ll wake up a few hours later coughing and choking (literally) on stomach acid. Zantac and Tums have been added to my nightly ritual, which helps a bit. The poor DreadBrewer is crammed into an ever shrinking slice of bed as I set up my nightly throne of husband ((You know – that pillow with the arms so you can read in bed thing. Did you know it was called a husband?)) and regular pillows and Lionel. And even with the extra padding, sleeping sitting up is not particularly comfortable or restful. Add in the hip and back pain that starts to appear around this stage of pregnancy and it’s safe to say that I’m sort of chronically exhausted. Add in the fact that I had a stomach bug last week and food is still making me nauseated and it’s safe to say that I’m sort of chronically a mix of hungry/nauseous/grumpy.

The Veins: Thanks to a combination of terrible genetics ((My mom had some of the scariest spider and varicose veins I’ve ever seen.)), profession ((Because being on your feet all day is awesome for your circulation.)), and increased blood volume during pregnancy, the veins in my legs and feet have become a bit of a spectacle. I tried to get pictures of worst ones, but I don’t think they really convey just how scary they really look:


DB said that this not only accurately conveyed the scariness of my veins, but also that of my ankle swelling. Thanks, honey.

Spider VeinsThey don’t actually hurt, which is a blessing. Although my pride is a bit wounded that DB keeps exclaiming, “Oh my God, Buddy! Your poor legs!!” upon seeing them. Even with support hose ((Between the support hose and the boxer shorts, it’s a wonder I don’t have a modeling contract.)), I don’t see them improving any, if at all, until after BIT arrives.

The Braxton Hicks: Apparently with your second pregnancy, not only do you show a heck of a lot sooner, but you also start getting Braxton Hicks a heck of a lot sooner. And the combination of working extra hours + bad food choices + stress + not enough water has led to a pretty irritable uterus some nights. I keep saying I’m going to take it easier and not stress so much so that I don’t end up couch-ridden by Friday night, but it hasn’t really happened yet.

The Weight Gain: What with the DreadBrewer’s extravagant menu last week, the scale was not particularly kind to me this week. Additionally, pretty much everything except simple carbohydrates has been giving me a stomachache recently, so my food choices have been for crap. Today’s weight was 165.2 lbs, which puts total weight gain at 10.2 lbs. But as I know I am growing a person and should probably stop obsessing so much about the number going up, I have made the transition to tracking what I eat with pen and paper, rather than MyFitnessPal. That makes it a lot easier for me not to worry so much about calorie counting. I’m just going to try to focus on making the healthiest choices possible and what comes comes.

Phew. Okay, I feel better now that I’ve had a bit of a “poor, poor, pitiful me.” I promise that this will be the only – or one of the only – ones for the duration of the this pregnancy. From here on out, I will be the happy pregnant lady with the biting and sarcastic wit that everyone knows and loves. 🙂

I think BIT and the bump went through a growth spurt in the last two weeks

I think BIT and the bump went through a growth spurt in the last two weeks

1 thought on “BIT’s 28 week update

  1. Ugh, the veins and swelling! And Braxton-Hicks! My OB agreed that things start hurting/moving/swelling/etc earlier and earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. I’m convinced that if we have a third kid, I’ll be having Braxton-Hicks before the child is even conceived.

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