Oh how I’ve missed you!

Target and Starbucks that is.

Actually, really only Target.

It’s the end of my month of trying to live off just cash and avoid my two biggest weaknesses, Target and Starbucks. And how did I do?

To be honest, fairly well. The reason I didn’t miss Starbucks is that I didn’t end up having to give up lattes entirely. I just cut down to one a week and paid out of my allotment of cash. And that worked out okay. Even if I would prefer to hit up the coffee shop on a daily basis, I certainly shouldn’t be doing that.

Target, now Target was another story. I know me and the limits of my willpower and this I avoided Target entirely for the month. The upside of this was that I spent a heck of a lot less money there this month. The downside of this was that I kept a running list in my head of things I needed wanted and I went on Tuesday and got most of them, blowing about $100 in the process. ((But the slip-shorts were a definite need, not a want, and oh so amazing!))

Was this less money than I would have probably spent had I not avoided it for a month? Yes.

Was it more money that I probably needed to spend? Yes.

My plan is to stick with the $20/week cash limit for at least another month. And continue avoiding Target while trying not to make lists of “necessities” in my head.

(I did make one or two exceptions to the cash only rule as a special treat. There was a pedicure excursion that was absolutely vital to my mental health.)

Who knows? They say it takes 6 weeks to create a new habit or break an old one. Maybe by the end of April I’ll have changed my spendthrift ways permanently.

Stop laughjng! One can dream!

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