Reasons the Littlest Brewster is crying

I know everyone has heard of the “Reasons My Son Is Crying” blog that has become an internet sensation. Some of the reasons/pictures he posts or other parents submit are absolutely hilarious.

They also serve as a reminder to me that my child is not possessed and that I am not alone in dealing with a temperamental, up-and-down little one. Even if there are days that I’m inclined to believe the possessed theory.

Some more recent reasons the Littlest Brewster has broken down:((If you missed the other ones, I put them in a Bits of Random post a few weeks back.))

Because it was too dark to see the fire station at 6:30 in the morning.

Because the stars were “hiding” behind the clouds.

Because she wanted to hear “Tickle Other One” (aka Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) again, despite the fact that we were only 2.4 seconds into the damn song in the first place.

Mar.17.14.1Because she didn’t want her picture taken.

Because her eyes were wet from crying. (This is one of my favorites.)

Mar.21.14.1Because I wanted to change her poopy diaper.

Because she wanted to take a bath. Once she was in the bath, she started crying because she didn’t want to take a bath. Then she cried some more when it was time to get out of the bath because she wasn’t done yet.

Because we wouldn’t let her go to bed wrapped in nothing but a damp towel and insisted on putting on her pajamas.

Because the car “wasn’t working” – meaning we were stopped at a red light and not in motion at the time.

Mar.18.14.1Because we wouldn’t let her stand on the ottoman and fall and bust her face.

Because she was going to stop crying. (This is another of my favorites.)

Because the pink “My First Storytime” book only accepts pink book inserts, not orange ones. It’s not as fun to listen to “Let’s Meet the Animals” when it’s in the orange book. Obviously.

I’m sure it must be frustrating when 90% of the things you want to do get shot down by Mom and Dad seemingly without reason. Knives? No. Cookies for dinner? No. Shorts and a T-shirt in 30º weather? No. Put Ethan in a choke hold of love? No.

Sometimes, when we can’t even figure out why she’s crying, I’ll tell DB, “It’s hard being two.”

And sometimes, like Sunday when she cried for 2 of the 3 hours in the car on the way home from Charlotte, I just have to grit my teeth, eat some completely unnecessary junk food (Mmmmm… milkshake….), and ask the DreadBrewer to take over for a bit. I figure one of us has to stay sane in order to take care of BIT when he/she arrives.

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