Some Gems From LB

Because we all know that toddlers are profound…

DB: I love you.
LB: Yes. I like bread.

Later that day –
DB: I love you.
LB: I love you. I fart.

On another Littlest Brewster note, we’ve officially moved her bedtime back until 8ish (meaning we start bath time around 7:30). I’ve known for a good week to 10 days that this was coming (and probably overdue), but I’ve just been too darn tired to contemplate putting off the tiny sliver of free time I get her bedtime until any later. But we bit the bullet this weekend and it’s working fairly well. It helps that her dinnertime has shifted as well and she’s now capable of waiting until 6 to eat, so we can all eat together. By the time dinner and clean-up is over, we’re a lot closer to the new bedtime than I would have thought and that makes it a lot less draining.

And one other Littlest Brewster update: on a whim, we decided to try big girl panties this Sunday. We were fine as long as LB went to the potty every 15 minutes. And I swear to you – it was every 15 minutes like clockwork and she would pee every.single.time. (Who has that much urine!?!?) Twice we waited longer than 15 minutes and she wet herself, which was very upsetting to her. Since she’s apparently incapable of going longer than a quarter of an hour without tinkling at this point – and Mommy and Daddy have things to do that take more than 15 minutes at a time – we went back to a pull up. I’ve had a few patients tell me that “Oh, you don’t want two in diapers! You need to get her potty trained ASAP!” but honestly, two in diapers doesn’t sound like that big a deal. I would rather wait until LB is actually ready than try to force the issue early and make it an ordeal for everyone involved. For now, I figure we’ll let her try out the panties on the weekends and, if she gets it, great. If she doesn’t, well, last time I checked, there wasn’t a spot on college applications where you had to list at what point you were potty trained as a deciding factor for admission.

2 thoughts on “Some Gems From LB

  1. Two in diapers hasn’t been a big deal for us at all. I think you’re spot on about it being better than trying to force her to do something she’s not ready for. 😀

    • Thanks! I figure I’ll just line ’em up, assembly line style, and get ’em done that way. 🙂

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