BIT’s 30 Week Update

So the last two weeks were definitely better than the previous two weeks, particularly as regards obnoxious pregnancy symptoms.

I switched to Prilosec per my OB’s recommendations and that has made a huge difference. If I eat too close to bedtime, I still have a hard time with heartburn and have to sleep on the husband. But if I eat at a reasonable hour (which is happening more frequently now that we’re eating as a family at 6), I only have to sleep propped up on two pillows. And I’ve pretty much stopped popping Tums like candy throughout the day. Hooray for omeprazole!

Also, the Braxton Hicks and cramping have subsided considerably. I think a big part of that has to do with me being less stressed at work recently. Stress definitely makes for an irritable uterus (and Mama). I still haven’t made it back to the gym with any consistency, but that’s something I’m planning on working on over the next two weeks.

As I’m getting closer (and thus bigger), I’m getting a lot more stupid comments from random people. Last week I had some random man at CharGrill tell me he hoped it was a boy because boys are better. I wanted to point out that, as I’m a girl, he just classified me in the “less better” sex, so thanks a lot, jerk face. I managed to restrain myself and give him a smile/grimace that hopefully conveyed my opinion of his opinion. I also had a woman tell me I looked like I was about to pop and then proceed to look terribly surprised when I said I still had over two months to go. As she was the third person that morning to comment on how enormous I am, I couldn’t find it in me to answer politely when she asked what we’re having. Instead I snarled “A baby” in my most sarcastic voice and stormed away. If I had been thinking clearly, I would have snarled “We think it’s a baby human but we’re really hoping for a kitten.” Alas, I’ll have to save that for the next asshole completely random person interested party. ((This is when I should point out that I’ve had multiple other people point out that they never got comments like this when they were pregnant. What can I say? The crazy and stupid have always been drawn to me.))

On a fun note, the Littlest Brewster got to actually feel BIT move the other day. She doesn’t usually have the patience to wait, but BIT was being cooperative and gave a big kick as soon as I put LB’s hand on my tummy. She was pretty excited about it for about 5 seconds and then moved onto something else.

My weight this morning was 166.6 lbs, putting total gain at 11.6 lbs so far. Writing things down on paper is going okay, but it is harder to remember to do that than to scan something quickly with the iPod or my phone. But I’m trying. I’m also trying to stop cramming any available sweet and/or carb in my mouth, but that’s not going as well. Like I told Jessie yesterday, I can’t. stop. eating. I’m trying – really I am – to make healthier choices but the junk food wins out sometimes. And then I’m simultaneously pissed that I ate the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg and that there was only one Reese’s to eat. Which makes total sense, right? Pregnant logic…

Here’s the bump this week:

30 weeksAnd here’s the Littlest Brewster showing off her bump, because she can do anything Mommy or Daddy can do:

Apr.1.14.1I did get two nice pregnancy comments from patients this week. One said I was glowing ((Granted, we know this patient is full of it and a chronic bullshitter, but whatever.)) and another said that my agility and sunny disposition ((Ha!!!)) made it hard for him to believe I was pregnant. So I guess I’m not quite ready to paint HMS Titianic on my bum just yet.

Give me 10 more weeks and a few more honey buns from Whole Foods. I’ll get there. 🙂

2 thoughts on “BIT’s 30 Week Update

  1. I figured it out! You had gotten so small that now people are just stumped by the big belly! I’m pretty sure they don’t tell really big people who are pregnant that they look like they swallowed a basketball.

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