Quest for the Holy Blueberries

We all know that the DreadBrewer is a hopeless cultivar snob. (Proof here and here and here.)

So I don’t know why I was even remotely surprised when, after much research, he decided that the only place to buy our new blueberry bushes wasDan Finch’s Blueberry Nursery. Naturally, this place is in the middle of BFE and only open during the week, so guess who got to go pick up the plants?  ((I didn’t really mind that much though. It was a pretty nice drive through the country. And since I was on my own, the Littlest Brewster and I didn’t have to take turns hogging the CD player.))

Map to Blueberries

The map to the Holy Blueberries

I left at the crack of dawn and got there right after they opened at 8:00. Supposedly they also sell pottery and bird houses, but I couldn’t find any sort of showroom or shop, so I missed out on that. I pretty much just wandered around aimlessly until Dan Finch himself took pity on me and helped me out.

I told him what we wanted (3 plants each of Tif Blue and Brightwell berries, preferably the 3 gallon but we’d take the 1 gallon plants if they were healthier) and he had me drive my car over to the plant sale patch. (This place was huge. And it was all blueberries!)

Now, if the DreadBrewer had been there, I’m sure he would have spent 30 minutes inspecting the hundreds of available plants in his quest to pick the best ones. He probably would have narrowed it down to five or six of each variety and then spent another 10 minutes debating the merits of each bush before deciding that he couldn’t decide and he should just buy them all. And then we would have 10 blueberry bushes instead of 6.

Luckily, the DreadBrewer wasn’t there.

I looked at Dan and said, “You know what? You do this for a living. Pick me three good bushes of each variety please.”

And he did.

And aren’t they lovely? Blueberries 2Blueberries 1


Dan said that as long as we didn’t have any more hard freezes, we should get fruit from them this year! Berry fest at our house!

So provided the weather holds and we get the office cleaned out for the Littlest Brewster’s bunk beds on Saturday as planned and DB’s back pain goes away, we will be putting these lovelies in the ground on Sunday. And planting our shallots. And sowing beets and carrots. And transplanting our tomato seedlings. And weeding and amending the remaining beds. And trying to squeeze in a homebrew session before the weather gets too hot. Not too much on our plates, right?

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