Blueberry Bushes – and a garden update

We actually managed to get the blueberry bushes planted this weekend! It was a lot of manual labor and I was absolutely pooped by the end of the day, but both DB and I were very excited to have gotten them in the ground.

Blueberries 1

Starting the long, labor-intensive process of tilling up a berry patch

Blueberries 2

Raking out the Bermuda grass

Blueberries 3

I’m sure our neighbors loved watching me work with my big ol’ baby bump hanging out

Blueberries 4

Ready to get planted!

Blueberries 5

Doesn’t our blueberry patch look nice?

Blueberries 6

DB is very proud of our berry patch (and rightly so). You can’t see it that well, but LB is actually crying behind him because we’re not paying her enough attention

We also took a couple of pictures of the garden crops, such as they are at this point. The asparagus has started to come up and since we planted two year old crowns last year, we can actually harvest the spears for the next three weeks or so! Next year, the harvest period will be even longer – I can hardly wait. We’re hoping to get enough to make a batch of asparagus soup, which will probably happen this week. The rule is you can harvest them until the emerging spears are coming up pencil-thin and then you stop so as not to hurt next year’s harvest.
Asparagus 4.14

As you can see, we’re going to have another garlic bonanza this year. It’s pretty awesome – we’re still using up the last of the garlic from last year and had saved enough big, healthy cloves to plant a bumper crop this year. It was a significant outlay for the garlic last year (if DB remembers correctly, we spent about $40 on heads) but at this rate, they’ll have paid for themselves by the end of this year.
Garlic 4.14

We put in some kohlrabi ((and shallots, but they’re still underground so you’ll have to take it on faith they’re there)) but then we had a few pretty heavy frosts that seriously stunted their growth. We’re hoping to get at least four or five good heads ((bulbs? Whatever they’re called, we want some.)) for some delicious kohlrabi oven fries, but I’m not holding my breath.
Kohlrabi 4.14

And last but not least, our leeks and onions! The leeks are getting close to the point where we’ll start blanching them; hopefully we get some lovely giant leeks this year for potato leek soup. Our onions didn’t last us as long as the garlic last year and we didn’t manage to save any for planting, but that’s okay as they were delicious nonetheless. We got both our onions and our leeks from Dixondale farms, in case you were wondering.
Leeks and Onions 4.14

We’ve also got our seed potatoes to plant and our tomatoes to put out, but we’re supposed to be in for some pretty heavy weather later today so we waited on those. And honestly, after all the planting on Saturday and moving/cleaning on Sunday, I was glad for an excuse to put it off a few days. The BrewsterMama has a sorely limited capacity for manual labor these days!

1 thought on “Blueberry Bushes – and a garden update

  1. Your garden looks amazing! I have serious garden envy. I’m loving the baby bump- your neighbors were probably thinking about what a rock star you are gardening while pregnant.

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